When working with people with any postural asymmetry, I love to incorporate this exercise! I find it helpful to do this in different stages of their therapy so they can feel and see the differences. These videos are SO helpful for them, as what they see from the front is VERY different from what we see in the back. Looking at the side is equally as important!

I introduce this exercise only once they’ve learned their specific postural autocorrections, AND once they have enough neuromuscular + proprioceptive awareness to see and feel these changes – otherwise it just leads to frustration – something we don’t want, of course.

The goal is, that over time, their “relaxed” posture becomes closer to their “aware” posture and everything stays closer to midline – and elongated – with all our everyday activities (yoga, Pilates, walking, computer work, you get it!)

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Published on July 12, 2022