A physiotherapist has the brain of a scientist, the heart of a humanist, and the hands of an artist.


Our daughter was diagnosed with a 62% kyphosis, and already, within a month of intensive physiotherapy, her curve improved by 24% (she is now at 38% from 62%)

Meredith goes above and beyond to educate and empower the family and the teen how to be their best. We went from overwhelmed and scared to empowered, clear, optimistic.

23 Year Old Male With Scoliosis
Practicing 3D postural corrections during active core stabilization exercises

12 Year Old Female With Scoliosis | 11 sessions

68 Year Old Female With Scoliosis | 10 sessions

15 Year Old Female With Scoliosis | 20 sessions

9 year old male with scoliosis
This photo demonstrates the importance

of addressing the sagittal plane in scoliosis.

14 year old female with Left Thoracic, Right Lumbar Scoliosis
30 sessions Therapy only (no brace). Improved Thoracic Cobb from 45 to 37 degrees.  Eliminated headaches, neck pain and knee pain

13 year old female with Scheurmann’s Kyphosis over 1 month intensive Physiotherapy (no brace yet). 
Therapy 4x week, 60 min sessions, + good compliance with Home Exercise Program.
Curve improvement from 62° to 38° along with improved muscle strength, 3D postural balance and client reclaimed 1” standing height. 

15 year old female with Thoracic Hyperkyphosis: | 8 Sessions

18 year old female with Scoliosis | 8 Sessions

57 year old female with scoliosis, initiating Schroth Therapy more than 25 years after surgery.
Before + After 2 months therapy to restore normal postural mechanics, muscle balance and reduce pain. Pain is gone, improved energy, improved digestion, improved breathing + improved 3D postural balance

17 year old female with scoliosis
7 sessions with good home exercise compliance

16 yo female before and after 9 months of dedicated work.
Curve reduced over 10°, improving clinical and radiological presentation.
Improved strength, increased height 2”,  eliminated back pain, and no longer required surgery.

16 yo female before and after intermittent therapy intensives over a 4 year period.
Addressing the sagittal plane is key in all spinal and orthopedic conditions.
Improved strength, improved posture, reduced pain, improved sports performance

21 yo male before and after 5 months (25 sessions) Schroth and integrative PT
Reduced pain, improved 3D postural balance, no longer sought surgery.

11 yo female before and after intermittent therapy over a 2 year period.
Improved 3D posture, improved clinical and radiological presentation, reduced pain.
Also demonstrates importance of addressing the sagittal plane.

21 yo female with hyperkyphosis over a 4 year period, with most consistent therapy work in the last year.
Reduced pain, improved height 2”, reduced anxiety, improved strength, improved athletic performance.