We couldn’t more thrilled and proud of our daughter’s transformation over the past month.

Our daughter was diagnosed with a 62° kyphoscoliosis, and already, within a month of intensive physiotherapy, her curve improved by 24° (she is now at 38° from 62°).  

Meredith goes above and beyond to educate and empower the family and the teen how to be their best. We went from overwhelmed and scared to empowered, clear, and optimistic.

Meredith is not only dedicated to helping her clients succeed, but she is a wealth of knowledge and inspiration. We are so grateful for her dedication and for her helping our daughter discover how to be her best self physically and emotionally.  Thank You!”

– John and Maria | Florida

Dear Meredith,

On behalf of the Boca Ballet Theatre, and Gray Davis, THANK-YOU!

We so appreciate your willingness to drop everything, race to the theater and provide Gray therapy at the last minute.  Your skills and generosity are above and beyond – thanks for keeping our wonderful Cavalier dancing!

Thanks again!

– Cheryl Trenary | Boca Ballet Theatre

I was referred to Meredith by a long time client of hers that highly recommended her for a number of things.  At the time I had a bad case of vertigo and the remnants of a neck injury which Meredith was the only one in 10 years to point out  was the probably cause of the frozen shoulder which then likely led to the vertigo.

I had seen many other therapists to no avail. Meredith came over with this big smile on her face and the energy of five therapists (I’m not kidding!).

In only 3 visits I can’t tell you how much better I felt and how much I learned from this bright PT.  She is constantly traveling to either teach courses, or to learn more and add new tools to her toolbox.  The way she integrates yoga into her physical therapy is above and beyond any other treatment I have had.  She is driven, creative, compassionate and smart – her inspired personality will definitely get you to the finish line!

– D.D. | Boca Raton, FL

Meredith changed my life. She is an angel and miracle worker.

I had been in pain as long as I can remember with so many things wrong with my feet. I was scheduled for two surgeries and somehow our paths crossed serendipitously.

We started very conservatively with her laser, and I noticed a huge difference in just one treatment.  I notice progress on so many different levels now after each session, feeling stronger and lighter in ways I didn’t even know was possible.  I wish I had started with her first! Now I have hope for a life without pain and not having to live with screws in my feet.

It’s a different world for me Thank you, Meredith!!!

– M.H. | Delray Beach, FL

The world needs more experts as wise and compassionate as Meredith!

-A.S | New York NY

Meredith’s knowledge and techniques are beyond compare! I highly recommend the Schroth method and yoga therapy to anyone with postural issues, scoliosis and muscle imbalances.  I was fortunate to be able to see Meredith for a one on one private consultation while she was teaching in my hometown.

From that one consultation, I immediately was able to implement her recommended exercises, breathing techniques and stretches into my daily yoga practice.  Within only a few months, I noticed significant changes. My physician couldn’t believe to see my scoliosis reduced by 50% – from a 12 degree curve to only 6. And, people who hadn’t seen my in quite sometime noticed the improvement in my posture, too.  Miracles do happen!  Thank You!”

– A.B, Boston, MA

I’ve taught Vinyasa Flow for close to 20 years with a focus on alignment I first learned in Iyengar classes. With multiple teacher trainings under my belt and scores of “yoga celebrity” weekend workshops in the Bay Area, including dozens of anatomy and alignment intensives, I can say without reservation that Meredith teaches the best yoga anatomy classes I’ve ever taken.

I’ve assisted in many teacher trainings on both the East and West coasts so have had the opportunity to observe anatomy classes taught by many different types of instructors and in general physical therapists teach the best.

Meredith is a very talented and engaging natural instructor. Her workshops will enrich all aspects of one’s practice and should not be missed.

– JP, Boston, MA

Dear Meredith,

I am so happy to have met you. The three days you spent so patiently sharing your vast knowledge with use were so enjoyable!

You made what is a very intense area of study for me clear and concise. More important to me is how you did it with such love and compassion. You truly re-ignited my passion for being my very best when doing my own practice and observing the needs of the students I meet. I can only intend that I may bring as much of myself to my own students as you do.

KP, Boston, MA

Having Meredith facilitate the Anatomy and Physiology module of my yoga teacher training program was an exceptional experience. She is a wealth of knowledge and presents otherwise complex concepts in a tangible, practical and easy to understand way. If a question ever went unanswered, Meredith has a gift of being able to explain things in another way that makes practical sense. It is truly re-freshening to have a teacher with so much passion and patience for her work.

– LB, Delray Beach, FL

You won’t find a more caring and knowledgeable physical therapist than Meredith. This testimonial will sound like it’s coming from her mother and I wish I could claim her as my daughter. Her parents did a great job bringing up the most caring wonderful individual in the world.
My husband had double knee replacement about 7 years ago and Meredith was his therapist for many months. The saying goes that when you have complicated orthopedic surgery your success is determined by how well you do in physical therapy. Well, he’s doing great!
Seven months after my husband’s double knee replacement I fell off a ladder and ended up with a triple fracture of my shoulder, a partially severed ACL and 2 tears in the meniscus of my left knee. It was only because of Meredith’s great rehab program that I have full range of motion. I am back on the tennis court, playing golf, gardening, cooking and doing everything I did prior to my accident. We did our physical therapy at a local hospital and any new patient who came in wanted to see Meredith , but there are only so many hours in a day … WE WERE THE LUCKY ONES!!!

– Carolyn and Fred Zimmerman