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  • The Difference Between Trying And Doing

    The Difference Between Trying And Doing

    As a physical therapist, it is part of my DNA to encourage people. We encourage people, hopefully including ourselves, to be our best self. Hopefully that includes our best spiritual, or emotional self, as well as physically balanced self. We all hear it all the time … try harder, try better, try deeper. We hear…

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  • Posture Myths & Tips

    Posture Myths & Tips

    Is pinching our shoulder blades back really the best thing for our posture and our core? Is there a better way to keep our spines (and moms!) happy? Head to our video page for more videos + subscribe to our YouTube channel >>

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  • Lighting the Way With Love

    Lighting the Way With Love

    Life is a curious thing. It has these secret intentions, and if we quiet and settle our minds just enough, we can hear and see what life is trying to teach us. While our winters are dark on the outside, they are truly more luminous than any other time of the year.  November and December…

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